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Background photo courtesy of Wasitthee Chaiyakan

Media Appearances & Public Engagement

I have been interviewed frequently  regarding events in Burma, but I am also consulted on a range of historical topics by documentary film makers who contribute to the BBC, the History Channel and other outlets. I also give talks to extra-academic groups with particular interests in Southeast Asia, warfare, or transportation. My media appearances and other podcast and videotaped events are linked to this page.

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NBC Nightly News interview 2010 November 05

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2009 November 02 Orwell Prize Roundtable on Burma


"The Railways of Burma – Their Development and their Personnel" Families in British India Society Talk, 2015 May 23 (Sorry, no media link yet)

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Making Sense of Strange Places: Mining and Railway Construction in Burma and the Gold Coast, Talk at the U. of Michigan, 2010 September 17 (introduced by Vic Lieberman)

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Sky News interview, 2008 May 8

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Jeep Railway in Burma, SEA Centre Talk, 2009

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Research Conference on Burma's Rohingya Genocide at Oxford, 2016 May 11

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Q&A Session for the Rohingya Conference